What do we offer?

for Employers

Our company adopts a successful end to end recruitment process. Find out more about our recruitment process. Our team always aims to offer solutions with accordance to our clients’ needs, therefore we provide one-off recruitment solutions whether onsite or with pre-selection screening.


For employees

Personalized career consultancy services

Our aim is to help college and university students who are not yet sure about their future, to establish and consolidate a career path based on their aspirations and abilities. Which university, what faculty? Informal discussions where we listen to your plans and provide you a framework to help steer you in the right direction.

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The driving philosophy behind Capri Consulting is the belief that deliberately targeted career building should be started as soon as possible. Our consultants provide career counselling to high school and university students to help the young generation be aware of basic labour market concepts so they will be able to plan their future with confidence and with purpose!